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Dancers Debt John Lutz

Dancers Debt

John Lutz

Published August 8th 2011
Kindle Edition
249 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Helen Crane, a beauty men build dreams around, hires private eye Alo Nudger to find out whats troubling her lover Jake Dancer. Middle-aging, old-shoe Nudger tails Dancer and manages to save him from a couple of strong-arm men. Dancer, handsome, feckless, an alcoholic and compulsive gambler is vague about the money he owes, and Nudger learns that Helen, working for an escort service, plans to move up to prostitution to help pay Dancers debts. Then Dancer vanishes, Nudgers lover Claudia is abducted, and the story ends with the uncovering of a grisly, sadistic snuff-film operation.Lutzs plotting here has a stark, unusual, genuinely disturbing curve to it—making this another Nudgeresque blend of strong action, lean atmosphere, and downbeat personality.—Kirkus