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Tears from Kabul Michael P. Buckley

Tears from Kabul

Michael P. Buckley

Kindle Edition
83 pages
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 About the Book 

A short story, from the land of continuous wars, where women are expected to be at home. Taliban – the most dreaded terrorist outfit of Afghanistan, goes on to terrorize all Afghan women who are either pursuing education or want to study in schools and colleges. They either kill them, gang rape them or deform them completely through brutal acid attacks. This calls for an emergency mission from NATO appointed special commandos to rescue a group of Afghan women led by a beautiful lady called Niki. The special force takes the help of the locals and relatives of these women to try and trace the leader of the Taliban group, Nasser, who is in charge of this insane murder of women folk.The reader is taken through a lot of plots and ambushes on both sides. One gets to know how women suffer in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime. One also gets to wonder whether there is any safe place in any city or town of the country to lead a peaceful life. The book ends abruptly in the middle of the mission to capture Nasser, only to be continued in subsequent serial books.On the other hand, Taliban is said to honor the Islamic tradition of taking care of their women at home thus protecting them from foreigners and external dangers. And there are scores of Muslims who support this ideology too.Who is right is a million dollar question.My rating is 2.5 out of 5