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Love Potion No. 2 Secret Narrative

Love Potion No. 2

Secret Narrative

Published April 23rd 2015
Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

Love Potion No. 2: An Anthology of Provocative Erotica. Featuring a quartet of novellas designed to turn you on.Contents:Acts of Pleasure by Poppy PhoenixJoin Poppy’s world of pleasure where she swings with her friends, seduces a young neighbour, fulfils her own dreams and others fantasies with sex and romance. Poppy shares these events, some shocking and some amusing, but all are true and all are from her own real life experiences. They include multiple partners, old and young, threesomes, foursomes, bisexual, group sex, voyeur, spanking and other games as she and her husband Steven, aka, The Pervert embrace the swinging lifestyle for their own pleasure. Truth is stranger than fiction, an oft-quoted phrase that readily describes this account from self-confessed sex addict, Poppy Phoenix.Under Him by Adele LeeUnder Him is a true confession of Adele’s initiation, which takes place at the hands of handsome Rob. Adele has always loved worldly-wise Rob, who bribes her with the promise of gifts and cash. She sacrifices her virginity and much more besides, little knowing that her initiation into the addictive pleasure of sex will turn her a Sunday Girl.A Diary by Charlotte CaldoShare Charlotte Caldo’s candid revelations in this sexy, full disclosure. Charlotte discovers her old diaries and exposes her past in an emotional journey of bad behaviour and wild antics. Follow her as she revisits numerous hot encounters, told in her own scorching, confessional words.Poppy’s Party Pieces by Poppy PhoenixPoppy says...I believe that the truth is often hornier, smuttier and sexier than fiction. I am happy to write smutty, real life sex stories for your amusement and satisfaction. I very much hope you enjoy Poppys Party Pieces. Do drop me a line if you would like to chat, I can be contacted via the Secret Narrative website.