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Warming To It.: Suntan. Roy Station

Warming To It.: Suntan.

Roy Station

Kindle Edition
43 pages
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 About the Book 

Personal experience lets Paul and Susie know a declining sex life can stall even the strongest relationship. Enduring confusion and doubt, it takes a huge slice of lady luck to save the day. A chance up skirt flash prompts a discussion in which their sexual desires are expressed openly and honestly. Finding confidence to explore their fantasies during sex creates a steamy atmosphere that simply oozes pleasure. With awareness their consoling consolation, they vow their sex life will never drift back to the doldrums again.Enjoying a regular jaunt in their camper van they discover an idyllic beauty spot that becomes their weekend home for the entire summer. It’s there that Susie unwittingly exposes her breasts to a stranger, at the time. He becomes an extremely close friend and the secret subject of their sexual fantasies. While acknowledging marriage has a sexual boundary, they are eager to enjoy the fun at its very limits. In perfect isolation, the three are taking pleasure from the somewhat saucy fun until the unforeseen steps in and creates a huge moral dilemma. Having reached boundary limits, should they take the great risk of breaching them?